decontamination processes


- Remove fixed contamination on stainless steel?
- Improve the final surface to reduce subsequent contamination ?
- To have a portable or even autonomous battery-powered device ?

A new implementation: the rigid pad is cleverly replaced by a carbon fibre brush,
New series-produced portable rectifiers,

ULTRA SONICS MMM Technologies :

MMM : Multimode, Multi-frequency, Sound Wave Modulation and Ultrasonic Wave Modulation

Remove fixed contamination only with water?

Decontaminating a pipe by clamping flanges external to the pipe?

  • To keep the piping system clean (liquid or gas transfer) during operation (preventive maintance)?
  • To carry out a curative maintenance operation ?


Efficient decontamination method which fulfils important requirements in the nuclear industry :

- dry process

- does not generate waste (no input of materials or chemicals)


- removes fixed contamination in the form of oxides, paints, thin layers of grease...

- Can be used in both manual and remote mode

BI-FLUID (air-water)

Efficient decontamination with only 10l/h of generated effluent?

ZELUP has developed a spraying device that combines a very low water flow rate with an air flow rate that transmits kinetic energy to the micro-droplets, which allows efficient cleaning with only 10 l/h of effluent.

And the equipment becomes a foam gun if you add a static foisoneur type nozzle.

Décontamination ZELUP


How to intervene in cramped, hard-to-reach areas to remove contamination by a dry process?

A startup DUSTY BRUSH in Switzerland has developed a nozzle made of flexible multi straws.


- Carry out a sandblasting operation while reducing 92% of dust emissions compared to conventional equipment without hooding?

- Use high-performance equipment that halves the consumption of abrasives?

Decontamination Sablage GRACO
décontamination sableuse GRACO

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